Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams
Low Life

I been on my best behaviour
My conscience is a little too clean
My halo`s just a little too tight now
And I`m tired of the old routine
Baby let`s get down and dirty
Forget about right from wrong
I wanna sleep in a cheap motel room
With nothin` but the tv on
We need a little of the low life
To keep our feet on the ground
Just a little of the low life
Sooner or later we got to get down
To the low life
I don`t wanna talk religion
Don`t wanna talk politics
I don`t wanna talk at all babe
I just wanna get my kicks
So come on baby let your hair down
You can check your pearls at the door
Just a little black lace and smile on your face
We`ll never need nothin` more
You don`t wanna talk about your day
And you sure don`t wanna hear about mine
I`ll meet you at the no-tell motel
Underneath the vacancy sign


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