Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams
Let Him Know

Another day goes by and still you
wonder what happened
You`d give the world for one more try
But you`re too shy to ask him
You don`t wanna ask him now
I know your heart will pull you through
If he means that much to you -
you gotta let him know
Let him know that you love him
You gotta let him know
What can I say it`s up to you
You gotta make up your own mind
Well it`s your life it`s up to you
Cause you didn`t believe me
You still don`t believe me
Now you`re gonna see it`s all comin` true
That`s why I`m leavin` it up to you
Yeah you gotta let him know
The news is out I guess you heard
I shouldn`t breathe a single word
The bottom line is nothing`s gonna stop you now
You gotta let him know....


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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Cuts like a knife (1983)


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