Jobby Lynn

Jobby Lynn
I have to go

I have to go (Jobby Lynn)

Living in a circel turning
round and round
It makes me feel so dizzy
I have to get out
I have to get out

Gazing true my window
Dreaming life is free
Melodies are playing
There is no misery
There is no misery

I feel the sunlight burning on me
Yeah it tells me what to do
Foreget your dreams
And face reality
Yes there is a way
Don't stay an other day

I have to go
At last it rings a bell
You are what you are
I am what I am
I have to go
Two different people in love
Willing to life one live
It doesn't work out
I have to go


Toegevoegd door mens op do 10 dec, 2015 2:35 pm

Auteur: Marc Morlock
Componist: Marc Morlock
Uitgever: marc morlock
Uitgegeven in: 1975
Taal: Engels


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