The Nonce

The Nonce
Mix Tapes

*tapes rattle*
I know it's on one of these tapes

Verse One: Nouka

On the bus, rollin to the crib
I would get dibs on the seat with my man OJ
and rock beats from LaMerte, Park to 81st
When I, got home, this was first
I plugged the headphones in, then catch the break
Fourteen with the system, I was like great
on the, turntables, I turned labels
Back and forth then pushed stop on the tape
Then down the street, to 81st, place the kid
with the fat face with the fat case for sale
Ten dollars, if you was known
I put the turntable down for the microphone

Chorus: repeat 2X

I used to sell, mix tapes, but now I'm an MC
I got the rhymes and beats, I used to rock them tapes

Verse Two: Nouka

Back up at World O' Wheels with the rap contest
I used to try and get mine cuz I thought I was fresh
I liked LL and Shan with my Roxanne rhyme
It might sound wack but it was dope at the time
Then it progressed with styles of the I-Fresh
MC's like Ganjah K and the rest
Post Meter, with the pause mix cut
Rockin Southwest College tearin it up
Money, really wasn't part of the rap
Paid, was havin people start to clap
Gettin ready for the break, your heart starts to race
You was hyped, cuz I could see it on your face
Yes yes, the beat is like fresh
Plus we had the moves, that make the party move
And those were the dues, without makin papes
Damn I should go back, to sellin mix tapes


Verse Three: Yusef Afloat

One to the two, four and eight
Hit the rewind and move and turn the black plate
Get you a tape, watch the crew wreck and
spin the vinyl til it melt and get a phat new casette
across the West y'all
Spin around with the sound and get choice
while the clear voice rock from the ground
Stereo, it's all in the jam
Plus tricks that fixes styles through mixes
If you're soft, beginning to end, you can't win
Let the DJ freak pause then run it again
While you're listening to the hit, it's nice can't you tell
That the two are steady bringin till we swell


"Pull the new school tape from out my rag"
"Man I, man I, quit sellin (tapes)

Yo what's up? I just wanted to give a shout out
to all of those who was down back there when I started
Back in eighty-four and eighty-five
Yo I wanna give a shout out to my man Yusef Afloat
To my man Ganjah K, Aceyalone, J-Sumbi, we out


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