The Nonce

The Nonce
Bus Stops

They on the bus stops
They out bumpin' the sound
They at every mall in the city
Take a look at 'em cruising around


I seen this girl yo around the way
She kicked over there where my homegirl stay
I've been known to step up and make them swoon to me
It's just a job of being devastating MCs
When I'm looking for a freak you know it ain't no stress
I get they minds tight and then you out that dress
So when I roll up and say what's your name
Showing them thighs driving me insane
Don't try to front cause I saw you look
I know your thinking 'bout how much time I took
So now I'm out on the town with my alias
Getting all freaks in my radius
Shine was fly so was Michelle
Denise and Keanna broke me off real well
So if you in the city and you got it like that
Yusef won't you tell 'em where the honeys is at


AceyAlone: Hey, goes down_I'm AceyAlone on WKAC on your FM dial
Now this is to all the ladies, a little something for your tummies
Now where they at_


Now I am not the one to be flossing see
About the Janes everyday that'll flock to me
And yes I see them round the way cause they all got fame
You know the brothers realize cause we peep that game
From LaShawn down to Kim plus Antoinette
Little Keesha and Shareeka can't forget Fissette
For the jibs that'll make a nigger nature rise
You see I gotta put them down just to recognize
From the neighborhood spot where they all might gather
From the phone conversation to the latest fad
I can't front or even stop cause the spot's quite hot
And like without the proper biz then you must shake the spots
So if you get an eye then you best pursue
Cause if your line's kind of late another John will do
And if, you see Tamika tell her give me a ring
Now I'm a let the cable go so the guys can sing



In summer dresses and braided hair
And faded fros really make me stare
I'm talking 'bout the girls who really know
Who nod they heads when the beat is slow
Sherrelle is the girl with the attitude
But I handled that right when I'm in the mood
Shae is the girl who's paging me
I'll call her when I'm finished on this M-I-C
One day I asked Kiki what her homegirls say
They say who is that baller over there today
Seeing these Janes is routine you see
I even like the girls who jock constantly
It's not that I be flossing nor nothing like that
I guess I'm just a player with that old school rap
Now if the sun is shining and it's really hot
My man won't you tell them 'bout them honey spots



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