Buck 65 (Stinkin' Rich)

Buck 65 (Stinkin' Rich)
Killy Nem See

Not of the promise engraved in my prose
I'm fully equipped with the Critical cryptic
Decipher the prediction of the apocalyptic
Showdown and win lose or draw blood
I'm delivering the coup de gras. Shivering MCs
Wet with cold quicksilver sweat
Shouldn't bet on getting off that easy yet
Under a boulder leave you colder than a salamander
When I call collect to great Alexander
I'm sending MCs off to summer camp, concentration
Teaching them the miracle of lyrical education
Lessons, unless they persist with defiance
That's when I come with the science of giants
The first MC in outer space, you'll be famous
I'll kick your ass from my boot to Uranus!
And you'll be left with a new definition of hard
So start filling out your organ donor card
Doctor Death, Stinkin' Rich M.D.
I must find/hunt/kill an MC!

"Killy Nem See!"
"When it comes to sound dem can't pass me"

You got your man, try it now!
Who what where when why and how!
Sucker motherfucker, you better get gone or
Word is bond, I'll cut your ear off like Mister Pond!
I am in no way concerned with morays or ethics
To heck with that, yo I'm pyrotechnical
It's quite a spectacle, come and get a closer look
When it comes to fun with punishment, I wrote the book.

"Killy Nem See!"

Alas, poor Yorick, he should have chose another trade
He got cocky, so like hockey got played!
You should have seen it, you would have been appalled
I got pinpoint precision like Lee Harvey Oswald!
My man was temporarily inhibited
And so the man responsible had to get divoted!
I pulled his skirt up, word up, I dissed him
There's nothing sympathetic about my nervous system
Every now and then I get a little bit crazy
And I like to "clown around" like John Wayne Gacy
I haven't gone international, but I might though
Never mind diesel, I'm coming cock nitro!
Cock nuclear, who here wants some?
I'll fill your snifter to the rim with redrum!
I'll give a taste of my rhetorical techniques
And methods to any MC that speaks! So, um
I'll finish first, ahead of all the good guys
And keep on going because I'm not good at goodbyes
Next time, I'll leave you with a lasting blast of venom
Remember that, yo I'm out like stretch denim


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