Sticky Fingaz

Sticky Fingaz
Killa Original Mix

Verse 1: Sticky Fingaz
Check it Check it
I'll get lyrical on ya ass
smoke the blunt and pass
I'm the nigga dat beats ya ass
and just like b real said
your a lunatic in the grass
should you resist this lyrical address
i'll kill your ass
cause i'm a killa
and dat's what us killas do
and fuck you
shut up now and you won't have to meet my crew
and believe me nigga
you don't want to

Chorus: Big Punisher(singing)

We Killas, what are you
We Killas, me and my crew
We Killas, whatcha gonna
(Sticky Fingaz)-->When us niggas come for (2x)

Verse 2: Big Punisher

Word iz bond, killa nigga
twin got it goin' on
still terror squad but
servin' ice for my nigga don
help a nigga out
thats what the boriqua shits about
i'll fuckin' bust my gat and turn that nigga out
punisher about to rip shit up
they call me twin when they can
now they call me killa man
do you still wanna fuck around
with this fuckin' militia
do you styill wanna do dat shit while your bitches lick ya


Verse 3: Stick Fingaz/Big Pun

About to spray my gat
gotta problem wit dat
my girl sucks my dick till
i bust a nut and a cap
so i get's mine
like that and like THAT
gonna fuck around wit
Sticky fingaz
till ya body goes splat

(Big Pun)
Original Gangsta, like my nigga Jim Brown
if i ever find hoffa, it'll be outa town
no let's get back to this militia thing
we are really like a mafia but
ain't no italians invloved in this thing
so continue to fuck wit us
we'll kill your ass while you're hangin' at your spot
now, i know all 'dem niggaz been wantin' to hear me say,
(scratch/samples from "Still not a player")
I'm not a player I just fuck a lot!

Chorus: 3X


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