The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Open Heart Surgery (Guitar tab)


the main chords are(EADGBe): A (what a surpprise) x03330
G 320030 (or 320003 or 320033)

but both can be played like this: A 355433 and G 577655

but i think first one is better.

you play A G A(faster)

What you have to care about is correct rhythm but to learn it takes
max. 3 minutes
Listen to the song and watch this

A -> down, down, up-down -> G
G -> up and as you want but before you go back to A you have to
play the chord down (from E to e)

i feel like letting you know
how much i love you today
i feel like letting it show
showing you rightly now
and never going away
i know you're feeling real low
calling on all my
i want to make it ok
i want to show you i know
and it will be all fine
i want to take it away
take it away
i thought i'ld write you this song
maybe i'd make you smile
and take your sadness away
i want to show you i love
love love you a long time girl
i'm never going away


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