Lust Or Love

Lust or love
Right or rough
No way to end this story
Bat or glove
True or tough
All wisdom ends up blurry

Call my bluff
What's enough
How lonely can a man be
My life's built upon guilt
I'm used to saying sorry

Lust or love
I'm like a lost dove
I'll fly where these winds will take me
Lust or love
There ain't no one to shake me
How do I still manage to fake me

I've been shot by hunks and gods
Their wholes in search of glory
All my thrills and all my skills
They fit inside a lorry

Refrein 2:
Lust versus love
Ain't no one to defend me
Seducing the judge that will hang me
Lust versus love
Don't ask bees why they buzz
We obey to our sins cause we're hungry

You never knew how to make a choice
You only know how to fake your voice
Well you can pick anything that grows
But it’ll take an overdose
You’re getting tired of your favourite toys
You fool around with the same old boys
You got a hunch but you ain’t got no clue what is happening to you


Refrein 2
Don’t tell me is it lust or love

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Beschikbaar op: Le Franc Belge (2013)


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