Unknown Songs

Unknown Songs
Chivalrous Shark

Lionel Long (1939 - 1998) is de zanger. Hij was een Australische country en folk zanger. Het lied staat op zijn album Songs of the Sea.

Burl Ives heeft het lied ook op de plaat gezet.

The most chivalrous fish in the ocean
To the ladies forbearing and mild
Though his record be dark
The man-eating shark
Will eat neither woman nor child

He dines upon seamen and skippers
And tourists his hunger assuage
And a fresh cabin boy
Will inspire him with joy
If he's past the maturity age

A doctor, a lawyer, a preacher
He'll gobble one any fine day
But the ladies, God bless 'em
He'll only address 'em
Politely and go on his way

l can readily cite you an instance
Where a lovely young lady of Breem
Who was tender and sweet
And delicious to eat
Fell into the bay with a scream

She struggled and flounced in the water
And signaled in vain for her bark
And she'd surely been drowned
If she hadn't been found
By the chivalrous man-eating shark

He bowed in a manner most polished
Thus soothing her impulses wild
"Don't be frightened," he said
I've been properly bred
And will eat neither woman nor child"

Then he proffered his fin and she took it
Such gallantry none can dispute
As the vessel they neared
The passengers cheered
And a broadside was fired in salute

And they soon stood alongside the vessel
When a life-saving dinghy was lowered
With the pick of the crew
And her relatives too
And the mate and the skipper aboard

So they took her aboard in a jiffy
And the shark stood at attention the while
Then he raised on his flipper
And ate up the skipper
And went on his way with a smile

This shows that the prince of the ocean
To the ladies forbearing and mild
Though his record be dark
He's the man-eating shark
And he'll eat neither woman nor child


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Auteur: Wallace Irwin
Componist: Wallace Irwin
Uitgever: ?
Uitgegeven in: 1964
Taal: Engels


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