Petra Berger

Petra Berger
Close Your Eyes (He’ll Be Just Fine)

Close your eyes, the children are asleep,
the night will surely keep, my Queen ….
Close your eyes, to tides that run too deep,
I know sometimes you weep unseen ….
While you dream, the treason and the fear,
will all but disappear, subside ….
Close your eyes, the evening is still and clear,
the fight is nowhere near tonight ….

Choir : Dream of when you were the brightest star in all of France,
- Dream of when you were the celebrated young dauphine,
Choir : mistress of every dance.
- The most benign young queen, they’d ever seen ....

Close your eyes, deny them how you feel,
unlock your chains and heal your heart ….
Close your eyes, remember love was real,
for memories they can’t steal or guard ….
While you sleep, though death may pass you by
he’ll never slip inside unseen ….
Dry your eyes, and hold your head up high,
they wouldn’t dare defy their Queen ….

Choir : When the demons appear....
We’ll rise and fight,
we’ll run,
we’ll hide ....

Try, to sleep, don’t cry, just sleep, don’t think,
don’t be sorry, don’t feel sad I know how worried you are for your son -
He’ll be just fine ….
Choir : Just fine ….
Dry your eyes, they’ll take you to the king,
you’ll hear the churchbells ring, my Queen ….
Close your eyes, and let your heart take wing,
you’ll hear the angels sing, be free ….


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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Eternal Woman (2001)


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