Diesel Smoke (Guitar chord)

diesel smoke
[repeat G - C - G - C - G - C throughout most of the verse]
is it true la la la la la la
is it true
is it you
G - C - G - C ...
words are passing straight through my brain
they turn around, around and i
i see pictures floating around
until they crash or fade away
hear the doorbell ringing
but i can see no way to make it stop
and the bacon's burning it smells like diesel smoke
smells like diesel smoke
G - C - G ...
is it true, walking to my room now
Am G - C- G....
is it true, is it you
is it true, i hold you in my arms now
Am G - G#
is it true, is it you
Am Am/G# Am/G Am/F# G-C-G-C
i only wanna be your superbullet number one
Am Am/G#
someway, somehow i'm gonna meet you
Am/G Am/F#
kiss you love you
Bm-C [then play notes A-B-C-C-B-A-A-B-C-D-E-F#] G-C-G-C
miss you

[Repeat chords second time through]
i got on my bike and drove for hours straight off to the sea
there i stopped and took a walk collecting seashells on the beach
had to rest a while and laid back into the sand
then a truck passed by and it smelled like diesel smoke
smelled like diesel smoke
is it true, walking on the shore now
is it true is it you
is it true, hold you in my arms now


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