Corey Hart

Corey Hart
Sunny Place Shady People

Shady people
Sunny places

Sunny places
Shady people
Sunny places

It's a hot night
And everywhere you go
You feel the heat on your shoes
Cause there's a lot of light
Comin' from out of nowhere
Such a pretty view

Chorus (1):
And they say that everyone is happy
But I say why this world
Tell me why this world

Chorus (2):
[Seems like a] sunny place for shady people
Paint your freedom in white on white
Sunny place for shady people
Grab your money run through the night

When the little boys
Grow into smaller men
They put a feather in their cap
And they're singing hymns
Of peace and liberty
Are we the fools of equality

Chorus (1)
Chorus (2)

Chorus (1)
Sunny place for shady people
Too much sorrow oh my trouble and strife
Sunny place for shady people
Take your virtue and kiss you wife

Sunny places
For shady people

Sunny places
They burn your soul
Don't burn your soul


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Uitgever: Collectables
Uitgegeven in: 2007
Taal: Engels


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