Frank Black

Frank Black
Bad Wicked World

Bad, wicked world
They are about dressed to deceive
Conquistadores that have been sent
Bad, wicked world
Bad, wicked world
Some sell him out, some won't believe
An architect named David Vincent

A man too long without sleep
He took a wrong turn and people just laughed
A ship that is not there
But he knows that it was
It made a light and a buzz
He's really hurt because
People don't care

People think he's a creep
He will not stop, he keeps on talking
Just a tie and a suit
He's a lonely persuader
Fist-throwing crusader
Against invaders
Won't be mute

About once a week
Another story has leaked and he's on it
Just a suit and a tie
Will it ever end?
He hasn't got a friend
Pinkies that won't bend
He really must try


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