How we stand apart.
Everything reminds me of your smile.
In my heart,
you're always with me all the while.

It's like a dream,
created in a world so beautiful.
And when I'm yours,
you never have to find another man.

Because I can't forget you in every way.
I can't leave you with nothing to say.
Tear drop.

Love me and don't run away.
I know we are together two.
Anytime a day you must stay.
You know that I love you.

Like I call.
I'll keep on running into your loving arms.
And when I fall,
you catch me till everything is calm.

I can't hold on,
without you I am falling to deep.
So pick me up,
and hold me cause I can't let you go.

Every time you're there,
in your eyes I see you crumble in fear.
But I will be here,
and every time I feel you , I care.


Toegevoegd door walter op ma 10 apr, 2006 10:01 am

Auteur: Tangarine
Componist: Tangarine
Uitgever: ?
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Taal: Engels


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