Sound of angels.

When will I hear the sound of angels,
coming over me.
To fill the peace of mind,
and kill the endless pain.

Where must I start,
to get in touch with their hands.
To follow my dreams,
and let a new day rise.
A new day of lonelyness.
But their touch will cover my soul.
I will try to reach the sky,
and feel alive.

Will they fill my heart with peace,
and let it stay alive.
Till this tremendous feeling,
clean me up inside.
I really tried, yes I tried,
my life will be their decision.
When will I fall.
into their loving arms.

When will the sun come down,
like a tear drop from you eyes.
So we we'll rise up to paradise.


Toegevoegd door walter op ma 10 apr, 2006 9:59 am

Auteur: Tangarine
Componist: Tangarine
Uitgever: ?
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Taal: Engels


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