Man of words

Well yeah, I am a man of words, and I need to speak all the time.
But in these quiet little places my voice seem to rewind.
Like everybody else I speak wrong and I speak right.
But when I don’t like to hear myself, please be my ear tonight.

The sun gone down and here I am, facing all that’s left to fight.
Wondering witch way to go, coz your still not on my side.
You've got your choices and I've got mine, lets pretend we’re doin’ fine.
Steps we are taking allong the line, but everything changes in time.

I got a reaching hand, but you can’t see my hands are getting soft.
Everything seems to brake from the bottom to above.
Kept my promises to let you see my eyes show what I mean.
But all I do and all I life for just seems to be a dream.

Well If my feet stand still and nothing works the way you work with yours.
I must be able to fix everything without using to much force.
Maybe I could find the words to tell you about all I sing.
But what do these words mean when your not listening.

If I would walk and you where the road, I’m falling from the straight path.
Losing you is like the grip that I can’t get.
Baby if you where the answer, I couldn’t find the right question.
Getting your is like taking a tension.

If you where my soul, I would be judged by your law.
Fire is warmth but you are in thaw.
Baby if you where a secret, my sences would feel no grip.
Standing on a mountain to shout and to slip.

If you could stand inside my shoes, I would know witch way to go.
But now I’m waiting for you, standing in a row.
And still you don’t see, everything depends on you.
Sometimes you gotta break a heart to combine two.

But people always talk of love and never seem to feel.
And people always love to talk but never seem to kneel.
Now I wonder if my mind serves well by calling it a dream.
Wanna step into reality, coz my heart cannot be still.

But people always talk for love but never seem to feel.
And people always seem to care but never seem to heal.
Yeah, I truly swear my soul will face the promises you make.
By taking a step in time where everything is real.

And maybe than I’ll know you will never be a part.
Like a thief that ain’t got the nerve to steal a beating heart.
Like a fire that feels cold and never takes time to sleep.
Like a promise you make but never seem to keep.


Toegevoegd door walter op ma 10 apr, 2006 9:56 am

Auteur: Tangarine
Componist: Tangarine
Uitgever: ?
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Taal: Engels


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