Hope's just a word

Don’t look at me in the end my friend.
In the end when your lost.
Don’t look at me in the end my friend,
in the end.

You know hope’s just a word,
it’s a lie that you’d heard in your head.
While your dreaming of peace, the wind in a tree drops dead.
So stop waiting, your waisting the time that you need to be free.
As long as your feet stand still wathers will kill while you flee.
The fist of a man that can’t fight, must depend on his wisdom inside.
Like father like son like a dream way beyond you mind.
Do not believe in achieving a second change.

You know love’s just a word,
for many who haven’t heard it inside.
While your God weeps your soul keeps a teardrop thats blinding the eye.
You shiver but no one can see that your brain is gone by.
You fall on your knees but your heart can’t say please to a cry.
The song of your deepest desire, makes all of your thougts getting higher.
Like words underneath has been melted by heat of your mind.
So do not believe that your words are setting you free.

The shooting of guns in the hands of young once, left behind.
The fighting for peace with your tears of release will be right.
The rulers the poor the sick and the cure combine.
Were loosers are winners and winners will loose all there pride.
Coz the once with a miracle fill the riders of every kill.
The pain of your friend and the blood on your hands aside .
But do not believe your sences will ever hide.


Toegevoegd door walter op ma 10 apr, 2006 9:53 am

Auteur: Tangarine
Componist: Tangarine
Uitgever: ?
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Taal: Engels


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