Apples are good

Oh, Everyone longs to hear a good happy end.
Put your bible aside, coz it ain’t no story my friend.
Adam had no other flesh to talk to, or listen to.
But God gave him a friend, and so there where two.
And they where laughin and joking and all for a smile,
but this good feeling would just last for a while.
Take what you like, but don’t eat this apple said the Lord.
But they where closing their ears from any of his words.
Oh and the devil spoke to them and said; eat this nice food!
And everything changed, coz apples are good.

Oh, You gotta stand straight with your eyes close to the ground.
Ask for mercy when your lost and need to be found.
Good Lord! How can we ask from you to put a smile on our face,
Coz it mirrors closely to decaying days.
We are playing it hard by putting you aside.
Makin' you a number in poems we write.
Guidance we ask from flesh and bones,
From souls playing with the dark side alone.
Oh we gotta make a fire, oh yeah we should!
Burn down a temple, coz apples are good.

Oh, Wise man speak only when your wisdom makes sense.
Your gifts are not given by any coincidence.
You might look like standing on top of the world,
while many are dying and are feeling the hurt.
So make your presence small and thought through.
For all mankind, to learn only good from you.
And when you serve the pour and face their fear,
your gifts will grow by mouth and ear.
Oh any wise man whose speaking isn’t well understood.
Don’t worry they’ll feed you, coz apples are good.

Oh no, says the master to his new born child.
Your wishes are sealed by the words of my mouth.
Don’t wander, your place is just close to the ground.
With my feet on your back and your words without sound.
Well man, you got your secrets and the world ain’t done.
One day you’ll face yourself alone when the people are gone.
Staring at nothing but your condemnation on the wall.
Everything feels empty and emptiness will be your goal.
Oh but don’t worry you got your time in the hood.
Play your game well, coz apples are good.


Toegevoegd door walter op ma 10 apr, 2006 9:46 am

Auteur: Tangarine
Componist: Tangarine
Uitgever: ?
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Taal: Engels


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