With A Smile (Guitar tab)

Eraserheads: With a Smile
Transcribed by: Mark Ramos (
"Wow pare" a good expression of mine whenever I hear this song.
This song is really really great!!!!
Note: The original chords is F#,But i used to do G thats why it is easy to pluck!
: And if you want to get the original sound of this song,you must tuned your guitar
on Eb to get the exact tuned of this song!!!so enjoy playing it

Verse I:
G Am
Lift yer head,baby, don't be scared
Bm Am D7
Of the things that could go wrong along the way
G Am
You'll get by with a smile
Bm Am D7
You can win at everything but you can try

Chorus I:
And baby you don't have to worry
Co'z there ain't no need to hurry
Bb EbM7 F
No one ever said that there's an easy way
And when there closing all there doors
And they don't want you anymore
Bb EbM7 D
This sounds funny but I'll say it anyway

Verse II:
Girl, I stay through the bad times
Even if I had to fetch everyday
I'll get by with smile
You can never been too happy in this life

Chorus II:
Co'z in a world where everybody hates a happy ending story
It's a wonder love can make the world go round
But don't let it bring you down , and turn your face into a frown
You'll get along with a little prayer in a song

Ti di di di
Ti di di di
Let me hear you singin
Ti di di di
Repeat Chorus II
Repeat verse 1 "plucking" except last stanza
Well get by with a smile, now it's time to kiss away those tears goodbye

Ti di di di di di di repeat this till fade
Let me her you singin�����.With a smile�.hmmm�.hmmmm

This is the plucking:

G Am

Bm Am D7


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