Hard To Believe (Guitar chord)

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This is my first time to tabulate a song, so don\'t expect too much. This song is
one of my favourite. There are some tablature of this song, however i believe that
there are some mistakes on their tab.i think mine is much closer.

Title-hard to believe
Album-sticker happy

Hard to believe

Intro: C-Bb-F-Bb

C Em
I find it hard to believe
Bb A Dm
That all the pains that we are felling
F Gb
Has some meaning in this world.
C Em
It\'s so hard to believe
Bb A Dm
When everything you see is different
F Gb
From the things that you\'ve been told.

C G Em Am G
I wanted life to be this way
F Dm F Gb
Just a little bit of love could mean so much.
C G Em Am G
Oh please don\'t take it all way.
F Dm F Gb
But with you heaven is still close enough to touch.

(Chords of I)
I find it hard to believe
That someone up there is waiting
With arms open wide and smiling
It\'s so hard to believe
When someone told me that your suffering
Is what you get for living
(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge:(got this chords from other tabs.\"not sure if its right)
Bb A
Because your love is still the only thing
Dm F(hold)
That matters in this world
The only thing I can believe

Ad lib:
(Chords of I)
It\'s so hard to believe
It\'s so hard to believe
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Bridge except last word)
The only thing I can believe
C G (hold) C-Bb-F-Bb
The only thing I can .............believe

(Chords used)
C x32x1x
Em x22xxx
Bb 113311
F 133211
A xx222x
Am xx221x
G 32xx33
Gb 355433
If you got any questions, don\'t hesitate to email me at
There should be more songs of eraserheads in here. so many pinos around


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