Roy Harper

Roy Harper

I knew it was my last
I've just been lying thinking
Reliving all my past
My family and friends have left
My children are all lost
And now I'm standing in a death cell
As the sands of time fall fast

My poor heart it is thumping
My head is fit to flood
To feel that rope around my neck
And know it's there for good
I know that I am innocent
And no one's understood
And now I'm standing on the gallows
To be murdered in cold blood

We are creatures of darkness
Killers of time
We are creatures of darkness
Bodies in lime

Hangman oh hangman
How sleepless is your bed
I can't believe my own ears
My heart is full of lead
That you'd apply and get the job
Of pulling off my head
And leave me kicking in the darkness
Splattering the walls with blood

Hangman oh hangman
You're working in the shade
For creatures of the jungle
Whose message is displayed
In graphic tones of blood revenge
All down the civil blade
And you're the creasy little monkey
Who murders to be paid

And in about six minutes time
I'll be thrown into the lime
By the screws who dug my grave
Who never felt the shame
Who threw me in still breathing
As they covered me with slime
And stuck me on a map in the governors office
A number with no name

We are creatures of darkness
Killers of time
Creatures of darkness
Bodies in lime

And as true as I stand here
I would wish to be untied
To rip those lies clean out your throats
That my death might somehow be justified
There's no unconsecrated ground
In my heart or in my mind
I lived and died in a world full of snakes
And I'm buried in a vicious lie

We are creatures of darkness
Killers of time
Creatures of darkness
Bodies in lime


Toegevoegd door OptimusPrime op do 14 aug, 2003 9:43 pm

Auteur: Roy Harper
Componist: ?
Uitgever: EMI Records Ltd
Uitgegeven in: 1985
Taal: Engels


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