The Arch

The Arch
die rote kapelle

I was involving you in this bramble bush,
And you felt allright.
We recognised our work, we had a kick right there,
But I felt unsure.
Now I'm scratching in the plaster what could be your name,
And my thoughts go rambling,
On the rags of memory.
Said some baby, yeah
I got to know,
I got to know right now.
I got a letter here, that I will send one day,
But the words get pale.
You tried to shake me loose, out of the slimy game,
Until you were tailed.
It were the reckless days, we got to pay from them.
But we have to recover,
Yeah, we have to struggle.
We are the pinball's now in a chilly game,
In a silent war.
And maybe on one day, I will meet you here
And we can escape.
We will have to wait for our part to play
So we can start it over,
And we pick up the searching.


Toegevoegd door tauzefien op di 17 jan, 2006 9:32 pm

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