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common place

How can we be at ease,
If everything follows up.
Like we've planned it,
Like it's all,
Like it's written all out.
Praise them who are living in the common place
They have nothing anymore to care about.
And if problems rise
The solution 's in your bible
Don't suck me into the common place
Though I've been in this place for a while . . .
But it was if I was walking up and down the same stairs
Like a phone call during hours,
With no words to say, yeah.
I've been in this place for a while.
I have an admiration for those who don't care
For whom live just goes on
Like a logical story. Imitating the ideal
Showed on the cover of an entertainment magazine,
That has written it out.
Now I can feel the warmth of some truth.
And I shall walk in icy rain.
To endure my feet on the ground.
But I guess it's better to feel the pain.


Toegevoegd door tauzefien op di 17 jan, 2006 9:31 pm

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