tell me

Why don't you tell me
what you are thinking of
Why don't you tell me
How this could get so fucking far, oh oh

Why don't you tell me
wherever you think you are
Why don't you tell me
you're not able to be you

oh oh oh…..

Why didn't you tell me
That I would've disagreed
Whatever the point is
You're not listening to me

You couldn't be happy
Unless you were in control
Would you be happy
If it's you and no one else, oh oh

Did you ever wonder
Whatever the reason was
To have no vision
And you should have told me
It all was a piece of cake
And you should've told me
That I'm talking to myself…


Toegevoegd door ploesjke op do 31 okt, 2002 1:00 am

Auteur: Bernard Oattes, Mirjam Timmer
Componist: Mirjam Timmer, Peter Van Asten
Uitgever: EMI Music Netherlands BV
Uitgegeven in: 2002
Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Cd 2 (2002)
Ook beschikbaar in het: Afrikaans


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