Treble Charger

Treble Charger
Mercury Smile

The wasted words
The way I'm feeling strange
Colours gone the way
Of empty rooms
And leaning over days

Letterbox in TV frame
I let you in, you'd do the same
Credit photograph
And maybe I can laugh if off again

I love your mercury smile
It keeps me outta line
I try to simplify
The complicated kind
I got an alibi
If you're so inclined

Everything was beautiful
I don't know why it had to be this way

I recall the blame
The failing terms, the light revealing stain
Fabric starts to frey
With every line of thought begins decay

Letterbox in TV frame
No reaction to a claim
Credit photograph
It made me laugh so I can start again

Falling in disgrace, listen to the laughter
What a terrible waste. I can hardly wait


Toegevoegd door OptimusPrime op do 14 aug, 2003 8:36 pm

Auteur: ?
Componist: ?
Uitgever: BMG Music Canada INC.
Uitgegeven in: 1997
Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Maybe It's Me (1997)


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