Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind
Burning Man

The smatterings, and splatterings
They'll get you
I'm not the one you were thinking of
Maybe you thought I'd call
Instead of crashing down your hall
Hold me down, but I'll find out
You know you will never get what you need

Blue Diamond strike 'em anywhere
First we caffeinate, the incinerate
We'll get you
And sparks will fly in the summer air
Did you pull out of your stall
Maybe I'll see you after all
Say we don't
Know who we are
We say no

I live my life like the burning man
Like a burning man
Like a burning man
And I won't get enough
Till my legs are broken

The starts they shine
In an empty void
Life is not to fear
Life is to enjoy
He'll get you
Mr. Death catches all someday
Baby I thought you'd call
Or leave a light on in the hall
But I'll find out
We say no

I live my life like a burning man
And I won't get enough, till my legs are broken


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Beschikbaar op: Third Eye Blind (1997)


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