Katerine Avgoustakis

Come on let's face it
I'm just 2much4u
You'll never make it
If you love me like you do
You wanna taste it
But can you push on trough ?
Don't let me waste it
Don't let me waste my time on you

Anyone can touch you baby
Anyone can be your fool
Anyone can be your lady
Am i just 2much4u ?

I bet you wouldn't like it
Another way
I know it keeps you coming
Every single day
Ooh, i got nothing to hide
Do you wanna try the other side ?
Take it while you can
Leave it if you can't
show that you're real, do it like a man
Ooh, i guess it must be true
I'm just 2muchforu

Ooh, you're not the winner, no
Though you might be on top
i'm gonna lay it down for you
Tell you how it's gonna be boy
And you're gonna stop !
Are you messing around ?
Stop ! Cause you're bringing me down
Stop ! I ain't playing around
I'm pleasing you, asking you
Begging, telling you

I was so wrong to think
You could handle
Goodbye, so long
Blow out the candle
It's true...
I'm just 2much4u


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Frank Potters

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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Katerine (2005)


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