The Scabs

The Scabs

Hey barkeep, where's my favorite ale
to all my friends, to all their tales
hey peter, where's my favorite song
you know I like to sing along
I wish I had my stereo
so I could sit back and enjoy
some real rock & roll

what's the story, what happened this weekend?
they say Gilbert 's in the can
and what they say about Jenny can you tell me if it's true
'cause you know I love her too
I wish I had been here that night
I could 've made her feel allright
I could 've told we love her so!

So hey barkeep, what's the latest tale
about male and female
boy meets girl, it's a fantasy world
It's like every oyster had a pearl
but life ain't no fairy tale
so just gimme another ale
and I 'll drink to rock & roll

written by Swinnen, Lambregt, Sijmons, Saenen
published by Strictly Confidential


Toegevoegd door Pegasus op zo 09 maart, 2003 1:00 am

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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Hard to forget (1996), Royalty In Exile (1990)


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