Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson
I Can't Wake Up To Save My Life

I'm waiting for love, but you come along
You smile, you wave, you great me, Ciao!
but you seem too happy to see me somehow

Then the sky falls in on my head
Your nails grow long, your eyes turn red
You say, forever dear and a day
You promise you're never going to go away
And my feet won't move when I run the other way

I can't wake up to save my life
I can't wake up to save my life

In my nightmare you forgive me
The cruellest gift you could ever give me
You say that you understand me now
But your eyes say, brother, I'll get you somehow

Then the lightning streaks across the room
You smell like something fresh from the tomb
You squeeze too hard, you iinsist on kissing
When it seems like half your face is missing
And your hair's turned into reptiles hissing


Things I done make my dreams go bad
Like Borstal boys coming home to Dad
What ye reap so shall ye sow
Now shake me, wake me, go man go



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Uitgever: ?
Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Action Packed (2001), Mirror Blue (1994)


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