Stef Bos

Stef Bos
Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind

Tekst: Stef Bos
Muziek: Kris Wauters en Stef Bos

I’ve seen them on my TV screen
Even in my town I’ve seen
Their writings on the wall
The written hate

I’ve seen it for so many years
The segregation and the tears
I never understood
This written hate

And they say they love their culture
And their culture shouldn’t change
But everything is born to die
If it stays the same

But (maybe they’re) too young too blind too see
That we’re two of a kind

Sixty one and thirty two
Black and white, that’s me and you
Who could say that difference
Builds a wall

Walls are made to fall apart
If you listen to your heart
You will see yourself
In someone else

But still they keep on talking
About their holy quest
They’re hanging on to nothing
They’re living in the past

‘Cause maybe they’re too old
too blind
too see
that we’re two of a kind

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- CD "Together As One (Tandie Klaasen)
- CDS "Two of a Kind" - Track 1


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