jet sex - cockpit inferno

Here is the time for us to know
A secret sky for us to go,
You've never been before, oh no
A jumbo jet, just you and me,
no parachute, it's pilot free.
I guess it's time to go, oh no

Don't be shy, say goodbye, let's find out if heaven is a lie.
Never let me go. I'll never let you fall

Above the clouds, above them all,
we draw the lines with smoke and coke.
But then you want some more.
Zex turbulences, seats D and B,
we drop our love bomb full of c
Then we watch them fall, never

The more we fly, the more we climb, the more we know that heaven is a lie
Never let me go. I'll never let you fall

And (I know)You (it's true)
And you don't wanna come back.
Baby my hell is above

(c) Lyrics: Stargasm / Music: Ghinzu


Toegevoegd door annastacia op ma 27 dec, 2004 1:00 am

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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Blow (2004)


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