Oceans Of Sadness

Oceans Of Sadness
Wild Mystery

Wild Mystery

Feel alive, so divine, every time
Cutting knives, blood collides, suicide

Wild mystery, the pale becomes the sinner,
never again

Future hides many lies in disguise
For I die a thousand times, suicide

When will we be granted wisdom,
or will we be forced to remain numb?

It's despicable to lie but we have only? Try!

Why do we the things that we do?
Because every time they seem true

Oh, we're mad... God it's sad

I never hoped that life could be...
Atrip like this comes only once
We only see what we believe,
but life is slipping trough our hands
Maybe it's time that I succeed,
my God, the pressure, hold my hand...


Toegevoegd door walter op vr 24 maart, 2006 1:51 pm

Auteur: Oceans of Sadness
Componist: Oceans of Sadness
Uitgever: Tony de Block
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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: ...send in the clowns (2004)


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