Nele Needs A Holiday

We got it going on
At least that's what I think
You always wanna see me when you drink
And I don't get it, it don't make sense
You never wanna talk in future tense
And when I ask you what's the deal, whether or not we are for real, you answer with a three word sentence
We'll see
You don't know exactly but it's a definite maybe, baby
Let's do this casually, let's not move too quickly
That's what you say to me
We will see
So you say we move too soon
I feel a fork in the road when we spoon
And it cuts me like a knife, will you stay with me for life? Will you stay for the afternoon? We'll see
It means you're not in love with me but you don't wanna be lonely, baby
We're going nowhere but at least we're going there slowly
It is plain to see
We will see
Still you wanna meet me from time to time, you wanna join your lower parts with mine
Baby, what can I say? I say: fine
You'll see
I ain't nobody's plan B so love me or leave me, baby

If you want it casually you're gonna have to pay me
I am not for free
You will see.


Toegevoegd door walter op wo 04 okt, 2017 4:00 pm

Auteur: Nele Van den Broeck
Componist: ?
Uitgever: Compagnie Cornelius
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Uitgegeven in: 2017
Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Love Yeah (2017)


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