Fire & Ice

And I mean everybody
Hey I got a story to tell you
And it's about love
Real love
And it goes something like this

I'm a bit surprised baby
I'm so glad we tried and maybe
It's the start of something new new new
I don't wanna fight it baby
Wanna keep it ligth and maybe
There's a chance for me and you
So I'm giving all my love to you
I said it once
And I'm gonna say it twice

Don't you know that we're like fire and ice
Look out know that we can make it work somehow
Just look out for the best days to come
I know we'll sing along

I'm feeling fine baby
I'm gonna sticka round and maybe
You should stay here too
Well that's what I want
Maybe we don't have the same crew
And maybe a different point of view
But I know that it won't matter
And I will climb the highest ladder
Just to get to you


Toegevoegd door walter op ma 24 feb, 2014 11:01 pm

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Taal: Engels


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