Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q
Man Of The Year

Bruh, I see girls everywhere
Titties, ass, hands in the air
It's a party over here
Shake it for the man of the year
Man of the year, man of the bounce

Home of the party and the trees
Sunny land of the G's
Please, let a nigga breathe
Take top down for the breeze
Burnt lips, got a blunt full of weed
Peace, love, enemies
Nigga, I ain't come for the beef
You ain't know she came for the skeet?
Got pipe for the chicks
Nigga, I'm the life of the beef
Fuck that, this shit gotta eat
Bounce for the crown
You be hating and I still hold it down
When you 'round, man, the girls never lounge
Man I heard you a hound
But man that bitch need a pound
Tip, tip, tip, bounce on a gown
Hands high to the sound
Yeah, I'm the rich nigga now
Bitch, I'm the talk of the town
Make a bitch run her mouth
Go south of the border, down to the floor

Home of the slangin' on the curb
Weed card, every corner sell herb
Watch you fly to a bird
Nigga I could bet you a curb
Let this real shit occur, make mills from a verb
Nigga cop a crib in the 'burbs
Nigga you ain't said nothing but a word
Smoke something for your nerve
Home of the paid on the first
Then nigga going broke by the third
Bounce for the crown
Fast forward getting real, tell me now
Every dog needs a cat to meow
Every once in a while
I see hands in the crowd
See whites, blacks, blazing a pound, jumping around
Everything bounce, bounce from the ground
Get high from the sound
This verse straight from the morgue
Down from the floor, bounce


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