ode to pippi

The hero of my childhood
was stronger than superman
always fair, never afraid
my hero was a she
a little girl with two plaits
She was so smart,
never had to go to school
she followed not one single rule
she cleaned by skating through her house
with brushes on her feet
she wore two different socks
and was always there for people in need

She was extremely whippy
and could be very lippy
but don’t call her a hippie
‘cause her name was Pippi

She had more muscles
than that guy from Brussels
She was more punk rock than Sid Vicious
and looked absolutely delicious
don’t you dare to call her a hippie
‘cause her name was Pippi

(c) Hara'kiri


Toegevoegd door walter op zo 29 feb, 2004 1:00 am

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