Jack Jersey
Viva Mexico

Far across the deep blue waters
Lives a rose wich high as her soul
In a little haciënda
far away in Mexico
I had to leave my Juanita
I remembered how I hated to go
and I know that she shall waiting for me
way down in Mexico

Viva (viva viva) viva Mexico
my dreamland in the sun
I´m sure that I´ll return
as soon as I can go
Viva (viva viva ) viva Mexico
save the one I love the one I´m thinking of
in Mexico

Juanita if you´re lonely
just recall the time that we know
when you and I were still together
far away in Mexico
I can say you´ll be manana
that the time has come that I can go
but someday I´ll be on my way back
way back in Mexico

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Auteur: Jack de Nijs
Componist: Jack de Nijs
Uitgever: ?
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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: Het beste van Jack Jersey (1983), Mexico (1978)


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