Man Charade

Man Charade
time of moon

I feel like writing you a lovesong
Now that our marriage is over
I feel like sending you the bookshop
Stored in my drawer all these years
All the fears I ever had
I’ve written them down
I would’ve sent ‘em to you
But I changed my mind
Kept ‘em enclosed in the envelope
Swallowed the key, kept ‘em locked up

I feel like ringing up Tomorrow
Tomorrow = a place in time
I feel like booking us a flight
And fly over there and take one last look
At the past
It’ll be far, it’ll be dead
It will be a joke we will laugh at
It will wave from across the plain
Leaving us a pricey airfare

I’m just a poor old hare
Kicking in air

I feel like howling over midnight
And stretching the sounds out to you
I feel like tearing up the pieces
You have mailed me through the phone
Je suis alone
Ring me Tomorrow
Ring me Today
Ring me whenever you’ve got something to say
If you ring me from hell in the afternoon
I will join you in this time of moon

I’m just a big bad wolf
Licking his wounds

Howling Howling Howling

(c)A/C Nico Balthau

Nico Balthau

Toegevoegd door Nico Balthau op do 04 maart, 2004 1:00 am

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