Curtis Stigers

Curtis Stigers
Time Was

The days flew by so fast
We hung on every moment
Like we thought it would be the last
And ever breath I drew
I drew it just for you
Now I don't know what to do
To keep you beside me

And I remember
Time was
We were never in a hurry
Never had to worry baby
Time was on our side
And I remember
Time was
The only thing we ever
Had to give one another
But now it seems
We're running out of time

Now we're always working
Or talking on the telephone
You're always going your way
And baby I go my own
Remember when we promised
We'd never let it come to this
But somehow we just missed
Our happy ever after

I've been so cold I've been unkind
I left you alone Selfish and blind
But baby I'm coming home Is there still time

... to make it up to you

Written by C. Stigers and G. Ballard


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