Curtis Stigers

Curtis Stigers
Count My Blessings

And trains to catch
And my socks just never seem to match
But I'm alright
And every night I lie awake
And I think I've taken all thatt I can take
But I'm alright
Just when I think that I'll break
From all the bending I take
The thought of you pulls me through

Oh, and then I count my blessings
Count up all my dreams come true
I'm gonna count my blessings
And when I count my blessings
They all add up to you

Every night the news is bad
While the rich get richer and the poor get had
But I'm alright
The threat of war is in the air
While the wise men try to lead us there
But I'm alright
And just when all hope is lost
Too many rivers to cross
I come running to you


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