Harry Loco

Harry Loco
Workin' on the road

Working on the road
I ask you why are you running so fast
Don’t you realize the next day can be you last
We live in fast lane, are we running’ or roam
We jump into our cars speeding’ home

Well some people got to work on the roads all days
Like in early times they did on the railways
It’s no fun and a hard job to do,
At the end of the day you don’t know if you made it through

Joey misted his partner caught by an accident, what a disaster
He was working on the road track killed by such a speed master
I often think of him, when I see them fly
Such a good man why he had to die

Slow down slow down they been working on the road
Slow down slow down so nobody gets hurt
Slow down slow down, don’t drive like a jerk, there are men at work

Copyright © Harry Loco 2002

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Auteur: Harry Loco
Componist: Harry Loco
Uitgever: harrylocoproductions
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Taal: Engels
Beschikbaar op: WORKIN ON THE ROAD (2007)


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