Ze Noiz

Ze Noiz
I hate Andy

I want you to talk
Cross my heart honey
I didn’t do it, you know
I swear you it’s nothing but the bare truth, yeah.
It sounds crazy ‘cause I love you
but I hate you more and lovers cry where children die in wonderland
(crazy setlers)
Along the riverside ful of emptiness
A procession floats on holy water
Long live the freshly born swine, comon baby

Beheading statues and diggin’ wels of love it had no sense
Kiling Nancy was bad and wrong and beautiful it’s true
I hate Andy for a 1000 things
I’m a painted bird today tomorow

Tomorow you walk on a sailor’s road, it’s a lonesome road
Was it the season or your happines that made sick I want to spit out
I don’t know where to go (x2)

You took my king I was checkmated by the black-eyed queen
You were the master and I was the slave so I made you red
I’ve been crying out for more
Who the hel you think you are baby ?
I hate Andy that’s for sure
Let’s get the hel out of here

With my gun in my hand and my hand in my head
I have reached the way, I was doomed to pray
And you screamed it from above where the angel beats the dove
It’s a lonesome road, it’s a holy road
Indian summer at the creek
Spirit wiling flesh is weak
Love is hate, it’s been proved that
Love is hate, love is hate
And we go down, down the gunfree city

I stumbled acros your one man’s room and your single bed
I saw your book of fairy tales but I pointed at the wrong supersticious hel
And the cry was fading out
was fading out.


Toegevoegd door walter op wo 29 maart, 2006 11:02 am

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