Ze Noiz

Ze Noiz

Faces on a round wal with no interogation
You’ve just kiled your mindand the rope turned insane
And your parents tel you’re les then joey Smith
(he’s your best friend)

Waitin’ for the underground a vision approaches
She asks you to live in a miror question
Hanging on the cross as Jesus 3 PM friend

For the deads are baptisted with their ilusions
And God is what we did invent
Alright man passed by with a hand in his hand now
And you’re back in heaven, you’re back in prisonland

Don’t know what to do to folow the circle
Try to eat roses but hurt by their stems and
like to kil the new generation

Mother earth is shakin’ Maria don’t care
Couldn’t get reality (caught by) a man with no hair
And hangin on the cross as jesus 3 pm friend


Toegevoegd door walter op wo 29 maart, 2006 11:00 am

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