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All I'm asking for
All I'm asking for (Nederlandse vertaling)
All My Life
All My Life (Nederlandse vertaling)
All My Life (Franse vertaling)
all unsaid
all unsaid (Nederlandse vertaling)
All Unsaid (Bass tab)
Apologize (Nederlandse vertaling)
Best times
Bored (Nederlandse vertaling)
Brighter Days
Brighter Days (Nederlandse vertaling)
Can't you be mine?
Can't you be mine? (Nederlandse vertaling)
days like this
Don't crush me
Don't crush me (Nederlandse vertaling)
Don't look back in anger
Don't Want You
don't you feel afraid
Don't You Feel Afraid (Bass tab)
dreams (Nederlandse vertaling)
Easy Way Out
Easy Way Out (Nederlandse vertaling)
Everybody's gotta learn sometime
Everybody's gotta learn sometime (Nederlandse vertaling)
everything and more
everything and more (Nederlandse vertaling)
Everything of me
fine (Nederlandse vertaling)
fine (Franse vertaling)
for sure
Forget What I Said
Forget What I Said (Nederlandse vertaling)
gentle (Nederlandse vertaling)
get it on
get it on (Nederlandse vertaling)
Get It On (Bass tab)
give my life
give my life (Nederlandse vertaling)
Go to sleep
Go to sleep (Nederlandse vertaling)
happy now
Hey There Love
Hey There Love (Nederlandse vertaling)
i agree
i agree (Nederlandse vertaling)
I Apologize
I Apologize (Nederlandse vertaling)
i would stay
i would stay (Nederlandse vertaling)
i would stay (Franse vertaling)
i'll be gone
i'll be gone (Nederlandse vertaling)
I'll Be Gone (Guitar tab)
Ill Be Gone (Guitar chord)
in her head
in her head (Nederlandse vertaling)
in her sun (stupid)
let it go
let it go (Nederlandse vertaling)
Life Is Sweet
Life Is Sweet (Nederlandse vertaling)
mine (Nederlandse vertaling)
Mine (Bass tab)
more than this
more than this (Nederlandse vertaling)
not anymore
Not Tonight
Not Tonight (Nederlandse vertaling)
Ordinary Day
Ordinary Day (Nederlandse vertaling)
out of my bed
out of my bed (Nederlandse vertaling)
out of my head
piece of mind
piece of mind (Nederlandse vertaling)
Play This Game With Me
Play This Game With Me (Nederlandse vertaling)
Plug it in & turn me on!
Plug it in & turn me on! (Nederlandse vertaling)
promise (Nederlandse vertaling)
promise (Franse vertaling)
Really Something
run around the world
run away
Same Mistake
Same Mistake (Franse vertaling)
Same Old Story
someone else
Sweet Goodbyes
Sweet Goodbyes (Nederlandse vertaling)
Sweet Goodbyes (Franse vertaling)
take it baby!
Take it slow
Take Your Time
that'll be me
there it goes
Though You Would Be
Thought That You Would Be
Thought That You Would Be (Bass tab)
What Are You Waiting For
what it takes
Where Are You Now
why do i
why falling
won't cry
won't cry (Franse vertaling)
Won't Cry (Bass tab)
You can love them
you can say
You Can Say (Guitar tab)
You Can Say (Bass tab)
You're gone
You're wrong

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