Little River Band


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Titel Score Type Jaar Uitgever
After Hours (international version) Full CD 1997 One Way Records
All-Time Greatest Hits Compilatie 1990 Cema Special Markets
Backstage Pass Disc 1 Live 2000 EMI Plus
Backstage Pass Disc 2 Live 2000 EMI Plus
Best Now Compilatie 1991 Capitol Records
Best Of Little River Band Compilatie 1997 EMI Records
Cuts Like a Diamond Full CD 2013 Frontiers
Diamantina Cocktail LP 1977 EMI Records
First Under The Wire LP 1979 Capitol Records
Forever Blue Compilatie 1995 Capitol Records
Get Lucky Full CD 1990 MCA Records
Greatest Hits Compilatie 1982 Capitol Records
Greatest Hits Vol II Compilatie 1982 Capitol Records
Help Is On Its Way Compilatie 2002 Disky Records
I Dream Alone Full CD 1997 Ariola Express
It's A Long Way There (Greatest Hits) Compilatie 1978 EMI Records Australia
Little River Band LP 1975 EMI Records
Little River Band Greatest Hits Full CD 1982
Monsoon Full CD 1988 MCA Records
No Reins Full CD 1986 Capitol Records
One Night In Mississippi Compilatie 2002 The Store For Music
Playing To Win
Full CD 1985 Capitol Records
Rearranged Compilatie 2008 Little River Band
Reminiscing: The Twentieth Anniversary (Cd 1) Compilatie 1994 Rhino Records
Reminiscing: The Twentieth Anniversary (Cd 2) Compilatie 1994 Rhino Records
Sleeper Catcher LP 1978 Harvast
Test of Time Full CD 2004
The Best Of Little River Band Compilatie 2003 EMI Music Special Markets
The Definitive Collection Compilatie 2005 Capitol Records
The Net Full CD 1983 Capitol Records
The Very Best Album Ever Compilatie 2001 EMI Records
Time Exposure Full CD 1981 Capitol Records
Too Late Too Load Full CD 1988 EMI Records Australia
Where We Started From Compilatie 2001 Scream Marketing
Worldwide Love Compilatie 1991 Curb Records

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