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Titel Score Type Jaar Uitgever
Full CD 1987 EMI
1987 Versions Full CD 1987 CBS
1987 Working Versions Full CD 2002 Bondage Music
Bad Boy Boogie Full CD 1991 Metal Memory Records
Best Ballads Compilatie 1996 (Not on label)
Best Of Full CD 2003 EMI
Best Of Whitesnake Compilatie 2003 EMI
Break My Heart Again (Sapporo) Live 1983 (bootleg release)
Carrere Full CD 1987
Come An' Get It
Full CD 1981 Liberty Records
Come An' Get It (remastered) Full CD 1987 EMI
Cracked Gamblers
Full CD 1984 (bootleg release)
Don't Fade Away MaxiCD 1997 EMI
Flesh & Blood
Full CD 2011 Frontiers Records
Give Me All Your Love MaxiCD 1987 EMI
Gold (Cd 1) Compilatie 2006 Geffen Records
Gold (Cd 2) Compilatie 2006 Geffen Records
Good To Be Bad
Full CD 2008 Steamhammer
Greatest Hits Compilatie 1994 EMI United Kingdom
Here I Go Again: The Whitesnake Collection (disc 1) Compilatie 2002 Geffen Records
Here I Go Again: The Whitesnake Collection (disc 2) Compilatie 2002 Geffen Records
Ian's Birthday Party (disc 1) Live 1981 (bootleg release)
Ian's Birthday Party (disc 2) Live 1981 (bootleg release)
Jam With Whitesnake Full CD 2012 Faber Music
Live Full CD 2006 Geffen
Live At Hammersmith LP 1978 Sunburst
Live... In The Heart Of The City (LP 1) LP 1980 United Artists Records
Live In The Shadow Of The Blues Full CD 2006 Steamhammer
Love Songs Full CD 2020 Rhino
LP 1979 United Artists Records
Made In Britain Full CD 2013 Ward
Made in Britain / The World Record Full CD 2013 Frontiers Records
Made in Japan Full CD 2013 Frontiers
Monsters Of Rock (Cd 1) Live 1990 (Not on label)
Monsters Of Rock (Cd 2) Live 1990 (Not on label)
New Best Ballads Compilatie 2000 EMI United Kingdom
No Hibernation Full CD 1994 Bondage Music
Northwinds In Alkmar Full CD 1978 (bootleg release)
Ready An' Willing
LP 1980 United Artists Records
Restless Heart Sampler MaxiCD 1997 EMI
Rock In Rio Full CD 1985 (Not on label)
Rock Legend Compilatie 0 Dreamsound
Saints & Sinners
LP 1982 Liberty Records
Serpens Albus Full CD 1987 Columbia Records, Sony BMG
Slide It In
Full CD 1984 Liberty Records
Slide It In 35th Anniversary Edition LP 1984 Parlophone
Slide It In (reissue, remastered) Full CD 2009 Rhino Entertainment Company
Slip Of The Tongue Full CD 1989 EMI
Slip Of The Tongue 30th Anniversary Edition LP 1989 Rhino
Snake Bites Compilatie 1989 Geffen Records
LP 1978 Sunburst
Soldier Of Fortune Full CD 0
Spit It Out Full CD 2000
Spokane '84 Live 1994 Bondage Music
Starkers In Tokyo Full CD 1997 EMI
Suck My Snake Full CD 1980
The Best! Compilatie 1991 Polydor
The Best Of - The Millennium Collection Compilatie 2000 Geffen Records
The Definitive Collection Compilatie 2006 Geffen Records
The Early Years Compilatie 2004 EMI
The Last Time (Cd 1) Live 1997 Vipera
The Last Time (Cd 2) Live 1997 Vipera
The Purple Album Full CD 2015 Frontiers Records
The Purple Tour Live 2018 Rhino Records
The Rock Album Full CD 2020 Rhino
The Vintage Concert Full CD 1991 Golden Stars
LP 1978 Sunburst
Unzipped - CD 1 Full CD 2018 Rhino (Pure)
Unzipped - CD 2 Full CD 2018 Rhino (Pure)
Whitesnake Full CD 1987 Warner Bros. Records
Whitesnake - 30th Anniversary Collection (Cd 1) Compilatie 2008 EMI
Whitesnake - 30th Anniversary Collection (Cd 2) Compilatie 2008 EMI
Whitesnake - 30th Anniversary Collection (Cd 3) Compilatie 2008 EMI
Whitesnake - Interview Full CD 0
Whitesnake (Special Edition) Full CD 2007 Geffen Records
Wrathchild Full CD 1990 Lobster Records

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