Soul Asylum


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Titel Score Type Jaar Uitgever
After the Flood Full CD 2004 Legacy
And The Horse They Rode In On Full CD 1990 A&M Records
Black Gold Single 1993 Columbia Records
Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum Compilatie 2000 Columbia Records
Black Gold (uk) Full CD 0
Body & Soul Full CD 1993 Kiss The Stone Records
Candy From A Stranger Full CD 1998 Columbia Records
Can't Even Tell Single 1994 Columbia Records
Change of Fortune Full CD 2016 eOne
Closer to the Stars Full CD 2006 Rykodisc
Delayed Reaction Full CD 2012 429 Records
Grave Dancers Union Full CD 1992 Columbia Records
Hang Time LP 1988 A&M Records
Hurry Up and Wait Full CD 2020 Blue Elan
I Will Still Be Laughing Full CD 1998
Just Like Anyone Single 1995 Columbia Records
Keep It Up Full CD 0
Let Your Dim Light Shine Full CD 1995 Columbia Records
Made To Be Broken LP 1986 A&M Records
Misery Single 1995 Columbia Records
Missing You Full CD 1993 JD Records
Natural Acoustic Full CD 1993 Sugarcane Records
Runaway Child Full CD 1993 Clinton Records
Runaway Train MaxiCD 1993 Columbia Records
Say What You Will, Clarence... Karl Sold The Truck Full CD 1998 Twin/Tone Records
Somebody To Shove MaxiCD 1992 Columbia Records
Something Out Of Nothing MaxiCD 1990 A&M Records
Soul Asylum And The Horse They Rode In On Full CD 0
The Candy Sampler Full CD 1998 Columbia Records
The Silver Lining Full CD 2006 Legacy Records
Time's Incinerator Full CD 1986 Twin Tone
Welcome To The Minority: The A&M Years 1988-1991 (disc 1) Compilatie 2007 Hip-O Select
Welcome To The Minority: The A&M Years 1988-1991 (disc 2) Compilatie 2007 Hip-O Select
While You Were Out LP 1986 Twin/Tone Records

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