Cradle of Filth


12 CDs gevonden Nog één toevoegen

Titel Score Type Jaar Uitgever
Bitter Suites to Succubi Full CD 2001 Abracadaver
Cruelty and the Beast Full CD 1998 Music For Nations
Cryptoriana Full CD 2017 LABELS N NUCLEAR BLAST
Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay Full CD 2017 Nuclear Blast
Damnation and a Day
Full CD 2003 Red Ink Records
Dusk and Her Embrace
Full CD 1997 Koch records
Eleven Burial Masses Full CD 2007 Peaceville
Live Bait for the Dead Full CD 2002 AbraCadaver
Lovecraft & Witch Hearts Full CD 2002 Music For Nations
Midian Full CD 2000 Music For Nations
Nymphetamine Full CD 2004 Roadrunner
Thornography Full CD 2006 Roadrunner

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