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Titel Score Type Jaar Uitgever
.5: The Gray Chapter - CD 1 Full CD 2014 Roadrunner
.5: The Gray Chapter - CD 2 Full CD 2014 Roadrunner
All Hope Is Gone
Full CD 2008 Roadrunner Records
All Hope Is Gone (special Edition) Full CD 2008 Roadrunner Records
Antennas To Hell Compilatie 2012 Roadrunner Records
Day Of The Gusano - Live In Mexico Full CD 2017 Eagle
Disasterpieces (Cd 1) DVD 2002 Roadrunner Records
Disasterpieces (Cd 2) DVD 2002 Roadrunner Records
Duality Single 2004 Roadrunner Records
Exclusive Metal Radio Sampler Full CD 1999
Full CD 2001 Roadrunner Records
Left Behind Single 2001 Roadrunner Records
Live, Rare And Unreleased Full CD 2004 (bootleg release)
Live, Rare, Kill, Repeat Full CD 1999 (bootleg release)
Mate Feed Kill Repeat Full CD 1996 Pale One Music
Melhores Do Slipknot Full CD 2005
More Maximum Full CD 2004 Chrome Dreams
My Plague (New Abuse Mix) Single 2002 Roadrunner Records
Full CD 1999 Roadrunner Records
Slipknot (10th Anniversary Bonus Dvd) Full CD 2009 Roadrunner Records
Spit It Out Single 1999 Roadrunner Records
Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
Full CD 2004 Roadrunner Records

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